Grace of God


CD Digipack (EQM 017) - EQUILIBRIUM

Three years after the album "State Collapse", the cogwheels of the Puissance warmachine have been fine-tuned and put to work again, in a crushing motion that seems to be as defiant and innovative as ever. Forerunners in blending post-Industrial soundscapes with seemingly Wagnerian inspired classical scores, the Swedish duo's controversial portrayal of human life often tends to raise a mix of conflicting feelings towards them.

Musically, "Grace Of God" could well be referred to as a re-definition of the currently over-abused Martial-Pop term, yet Puissance's own superior combination of sumptuous Neo-Classical and Industrial elements raises any potential Pop anthem to an entirely distinct level.
More melodic and vocal-oriented than before, this latest opus also comes to expose a more rhythmic approach that had been hinted at in previous releases, but which has now morphed into a powerful and relentless driving force in Söderlund and Möller's compositions.
Compellingly militant as well as beautifully apocalyptic, "Grace of God" finds Puissance in top form, presenting a fine compendium of all bits and pieces that the band have been flirting with throughout their career and incorporating them in a unique style which again sets new defiant standards.

01. Grace Of God
02. Stance
03. Wall Of Freedom
04. Warzone
05. In Death
06. Conspiracy
07. Brittle
08. Loreto

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