Cuts of Grace

JAAKKO VANHALA (Arktau Aon / Zoät-Aon / I.Corax)

Mini 3" CD Folder (FA-CD-107) - FREAK ANIMAL

Not a brand-new album but new for our Web-Shop

A 21 minutes long mini CD by the man behind projects such as ARKTAU AON / ZOÄT-AON / I.CORAX...
Let's call the genre on this album "composed noise".
As opposite of free flowing jam or formless static rumble, there are many works that feel nearly orchestral.
Certainly composed.
Cuts of Grace is one of those examples where cut-up harsh noise reaches such a high level, it is not only cut-up for sake of being fragmented and busy.
It is cut-up in absolute precision, where sound elements, textures, transitions, all flow perfectly into place.
Yet it is noise, Noise composition where juicy and tasty sound sources are arranged into tracks that suck you into whirlwind of noise.

1.  Pain Enigma 2:58
2.  Phosphorous Nostalgia 3:04
3.  Iris Star 3:25
4.  Blood Arcanum 3:15
5.  Sword Of Death 8:16

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