Doublings & Silences Vol. II


2xLP Box (DMM 006 R) -

Rare album dated 1988
Box cover looks a bit aged but still is in very good conditions.

Inspired by the paintings of Italian surrealist painter G. Foppiani (inside the box you will find a cardboard of one of his paintings and an insert with the texts) this LP sees the participation of many musicians like:
Pascal Comelade, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Pierre Zeidler, Paolo Chang (Maze 1066), Giovanni Sturman, Christina Kubish, Roberto Musci, Alain Neffe (Human Flesh), Raffaele Serra, Mario Arcari, Tommaso Leddi (Stormy Six), Gregorio Bardini (Kino Glaz).
All musicians are also composers of the tracks they are playing on.
So the record is like a collection of pictures of meditative, contemporary, folk, happy and serious music....

A1 Venice Calles 4:35
A2 Funeral Jars 4:55
A3 Little Penguins In Love 3:55
A4 Hoping That You Are Somewhere 2:55
A5 Industrial Lullaby 4:45
B1 Childhood Fears (Old Version) 2:30
B2 Wandering High 3:00
B3 Artery Of The Sun 4:25
B4 Lines On Spain 4:10
B5 Chinese Comedy 5:35
B6 Childhood Fears (Young Version) 1:30
C1 Azur Noise 5:20
C2 La Partienze 2:35
C3 Confidential Eggs 4:25
C4 A Poetry Of Broken Hearts 3:45
C5 Vox Populi 4:55
C6 The Lacerny Of The Harpstrings 2:22
D1 The Last Picture 9:15
D2 The Danger Of Losing Consistence 3:20
D3 Nanenfest 4:20
D4 Pyramid 4:10

This is rare!
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