Keep My Grave Open



DEPRIVATION is an Italian Death Industrial/Power Electronics project active since 2012.
With just a few releases on his own label "Diazepam" the project had been refining its sound during these years and can now present a cohesive identity inside the genre.
"Keep my grave open" pays homage to the old names of Italian Industrial and presents us an immersive work of slow passed Death Industrial, sometimes dissonant yet almost atmospheric.
A perfect soundtrack for the bleak times ahead and a morbid tribute to the dead.

1.  They Don't Have to Know  07:06
2.  Everything on this Earth  06:55
3.  Hatefuck  06:31
4.  In the Folds of the Flesh  04:55
5.  Cold at the Touch  07:59
6.  The Shape of Fear  06:00

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