You Will Never Escape This

OVMN [Optimum Volume Maximum Noise / Macronympha]

CD Digipak (SAD-18) - SELF ABUSE

OVMN [Optimum Volume Maximum Noise] is a side project by JOSEPH ROEMER & RODGER STELLA of MACRONYMPHA.

Newly unearthed and unreleased OVMN recordings, featuring recordings of the Joe and Rodger lineup from the mid 90s, coupled with recordings the later lineup with Leo Sabatto from the early 2000s.
Remastered by Grant Richardson with art work by Ewan Aparicio.

§  The Daily Grind
1. Early Warning
2. Claustrophobia
3. The Cutting Room
4. Irrational Fear
5. Mother's Acid Prayer
6. Penetration Fully Achieved
§   Shared Anger
7. Secluded, Shrill, Buzzed
8. Fighting For Blood
9. Gasping : Ejaculating
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