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"Weiß" is a split album by two projects:
Austrian B-Machina and German-Bulgarian Miel Noir

Miel Noir is a side project by Dimo D. (SVARROGH / ALLERSEELEN / STURMPERCHT).
Miel Noir sound , concept and atmosphere differ from Dimo's main project Svarrogh, it's another way and another music.
6 melancholic industrial tracks adorned with deep unique Dimo's vocal

B-Machina is former well-known industrial act Bonemchine from Austria present 16 tracks on Weiss while only 3 tracks "The Colour Of My Innocence", "Fahne Empor!" and "Wald aus Stein & Rost" are full tracks and the other 13 tracks is silence completing perfectly the concept of the album.

3 panels folded high quality packing.

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