Over Your Heads Forever

KLEISTWAHR [Gary Mundy / Ramleh / Breathless]


Limited Edition 300 copies

Eight new solo works from Gary Mundy, whose latest Ramleh album, Circular Time, received a lot of praise when released in late 2015.
At times taking on a slightly more tempered approach this album still arrives stamped with Gary's own take on a descent into a black hole where screaming can definitely be heard.
Kaleidoscopic noise has rarely sounded so triumphant or majestic whilst paradoxically resigning to the flaws of the human condition.
This album completes the present trilogy of Kleistwahr releases for Fourth Dimension and is once again housed in an oversized gatefold sleeve based on the original Broken Flag style.

1. The Last Chain That Bound, The Spoiler Now Rends
2. Neighbourhood Of Nothing
3. Accidentally, Like A Tyrant.....
4. .....In Spite Of It All.....
5. .....We Cursed Through Sludge
6. Someday These Demons Will Win
7. No Room In Our Hearts
8. Over Your Heads Forever

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