Reflection of a Higher Realm

ĒIRIKURA [Eirikura]


Ēirikura is a musical multi-faceted venture, inspired by the coming of spring, in Prussian and Irish ancient lands.
English, Prussian and Gaelige (Irish) are the languages interwoven, as Ēirikura creates a sense of mysterious timelessness.
The varied enchanting soundscape of Ēirikura, is created using familiar instruments: guitars, strings (violin, viola, cello), grand piano, flute, oboe, trumpet, drums, to more unconventional ones, such as bandura, zither, bowed psaltery, musical saw and various percussions.
Among the participants of Ēirikura there are members of Sunset Wings, Romowe Rikoito, Āustras Lāiwan and their friends from Prussia as well as poetess Johanna Doyle from Ireland.

1 Reflection Of A Higher Realm 5:59
2 Wassara 5:14
3 Flowers 4:03
4 Ēirikura 3:36
5 Annabelle Blue 2:25
6 Oh, Roses For The Flush Of Youth 1:29
7 Fornocht Do Chonac Thú 3:28
8 Today's Eulogy 4:46
9 Dance Into Images 4:40
10 Like An Out-Dated Pre-Raphaelite 3:53
11 Gērds 4:33
12 Rāmawas Wartā (RRĒmix) 4:31
13 Reflection Of A Higher Realm (Reprise) 3:19

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