CD Jewel Box (CSR 26 CD) - COLD SPRING

The debut of this beautiful neo-classical act.
Stunning classical arrangements, dark winds, piano, sampled voices and military snare.
A fantastic journey of melancholic, poignant emotions, and dark intentions.
Packaged in a stunning eight page booklet with printed opaline outer, this is an album that no connoisseur of dark neo-classical should be without!

Track listing:
1. Apparitions
2. The Lack Of Performance
3. Now Can I Feel?
4. 1st Wave
5. Be Careful What You Wish For
6. Violence In Chinatown
7. Brutality
8. Where The Shadows Lie
9. The Hurt Heals Slow
10. Ominous Sky
11. 3rd Wave
12. Letters From Home
13. Watched Over By Angels

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