The Sleeping Moustache

Various Artists [Waldron / Stapleton / Sigmarsson / Haynes / Faulhaber]


Let's begin with the introductions :

§ M.S. WALDRON may be best known for his work as IRR. APP. (EXT.), an unwieldy moniker that begets uncanny, hallucinatory sound.

§ STEVEN STAPLETON is the genius behind NURSE WITH WOUND, the consistently unpredictable project that scrambles musical obsessions for krautrock, surrealism, and avant-garde composition into a brash quest for expressionism through experimentation.

§ SIGTYGGUR BERG SIGMARSSON hails from the Icelandic electro-absurdist duo STILLUPPSTEYPA, which continues to investigate the finer points of drunken minimalism.

§ JIM HAYNES prefers to merely state that he rusts things.

§ R.K. FAULHABER is something of a mysterious figure, looming around Mr. Waldron's irr. app. (ext.) recordings and performances while keeping his own work a hermetic secret.

Each with a peculiar understanding of the audio arts, these five artists came to the proverbial table and thought it a good idea to collaborate.
Given the predilection for the surreal and the sidereal that each of these five employ in their many audio and visual projects, those agendas oozed from the recordings that became known as The Sleeping Moustache.
An epiphany of controlled disorder, a convulsion of beauty, a cascade of thought from delirious minds, The Sleeping Moustache is an exquisite manifestation of sound poetry scattered into a tortuous collage mired in an oblique melancholy.
Magnetic tones extracted from the ether, mechanical sounds smeared into a lugubrious growls, horns trumpeting straight out of John's Book of Revelation, ululations sliced into information overload that Schwitters himself would be proud of.
The Sleeping Moustache presents a psychically instable landscape, where dreams and nightmares wreak havoc upon the drudgery of daily life.
The closest audible territory for The Sleeping Moustache might be the psychoactive constructions of Nurse With Wound's Homotopy To Marie, although the characters in this drama happened upon an entirely different map of that terrain.

Front cover consists of 5 silkscreende arty inserts.

1 Sprawled Naked Across A Piano (10:13)
2 The Over-night Sister (1:47)
3 A Few Items Known As Children (10:45)
4 Look Out! That One's Dangerous. (2:31)
5 A Bottomless Black Eye (10:08)
6 Woolen Pubic Hair (2:11)
7 A Little Act Of Familiar Daily Routine (10:21)
8 Annoyance, Ignorance, And Forgetfulness (3:20)
9 Oh Sir, I'm Scared (11:15)
10 Candlelight Ceremonies For Killing Time (2:26)

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