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Retrospective collection from industrial pioneers Sprung Aus Den Wolken the rhythmic noise project by Kiddy Citny, collaborator with early Einsturzende Neubauten and Sentimentale Jugend.
His sound in the beginning of the eighties was very intense but still charming.
He showed also extreme talent in using his synthesizer to produce great minimal electro tunes in a style which was and still is a true treasure for the whole minimal electro - and nowadays - techno scene.
This LP collects 18 tracks that have previously been either unreleased or available only on ultra limited tapes on the band's own Cassettencombinat label in the early Eighties.

Rare album dated 2004 - We stock copy # 068/500.

A1 A Gauche - A Droite 2:41
A2 Urlaub Für Ganz Berlin 1:53
A3 Warte 2:26
A4 Schlag Mir Den Kopf Ab 2:03
A5 Es Reicht - Noch Lange Nicht 3:17
A6 Que Pas 3:56
A7 Meine Stimme 2:34
A8 Lust - Last - Liebe 3:13
A9 Schlag Mir Den Kopf Ab (Instrumental) 1:45
B1 Durch Die Nacht (Instrumental) 1:35
B2 Tanzen Stampfen Laufen 2:51
B3 Längst Fällig 2:35
B4 Gegen Den Strom 3:41
B5 Begehre Dich 4:18
B6 Instrumental Metal Mix 3:07
B7 Leidenschaftlich 1:38
B8 Wenn Es So Weiter Geht 1:57
B9 Saying Yes, Thinking No 3:45

This is rare!
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