Mort Aux Vaches: Meltdown Of Control


Cd Folder (None) - STAALPLAAT

Limited Edition 1000 copies

"Mort Aux Vaches" was a sublabel created by Staalplaat to release the ongoing series
of recordings commissioned by VPRO (Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep),
a Dutch broadcasting corporation.
Most of these recordings were broadcast on one of the Dutch national radio stations
(Radio 5) in a show called "De Avonden".

The material used in this Mort Aux Vaches release was recorded during 3 live performances:
5.12.97 at Japan Foundation Hall in Tokyo, Japan
1.07.98 at Podewil in Berlin, Germany
2.07.98 at ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL - Queen Elisabeth Hall, London, UK (this performance was a part of John Peel's 'meltdown 98' festival).


1  Meltdown Of Control     54:03

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