Accusa Di Un Delitto Infinito


CD Jewel Box (Triton 14 CD) - TRITON

Listening to "Leutha" it's like sitting on a small pile of rubble and contemplate a city of smoking ruins after a bombing.
Feel the wind between the concrete carcasses, the smoke in dark sky,
iron crunching under the feet, a mixture of gravel, bones, broken glass...
It's getting drunk with the smell of gunpowder hanging.
It is hitting metal tubes to prove that time does not stop.
This is the debut release of
"Roberta Astolfo aka Leutha", a wired Industrial Ambient produced by Angelo Bergamini (the leading mind of Kirlian Kamera) back in 1997.
Rare and obscure album.

1  I Can Look At Grief    2:08
2  De_Structure     1:14
3  Thinking     4:57
4  Drowned Piano     3:41
5  Grey Structure     2:06
6  Merging    2:39
7  Pain    2:34
8  E.D.    9:22
9   Accusa Di Un Delitto Infinito     9:39
10   Lato Acqua     9:38

This is rare!
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