CD in Mini DVD Box (tf007) - TERRA FRIA

Rare copy of that cult album.

CHANGES was formed in 1969 by cousins Robert Nicholas Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk yet it wasn't until the mid-nineties that their first material was released.
Their first shows were at coffeehouses operated by the notorious British cult The Process Church of the Final Judgement!
Changes alternate between gentle ballads and songs championing the heroic and chronicling the impending apocalypse, often involving legendary and mythical figure
In two words: CULT BAND!
The music of ANDREW KING is fiercely traditional, partly due to his (former) role at the British Library where he was solely responsible for preserving vernacular culture in the form of folk song.

That album is without doubts offering come of the best Apocalyptic Folk sounds ever!

1  Changes - Mahabharata Of The Soul 3:16
2  Changes - Flame 1:18
3  Changes - Anthem To Freedom 2:22
4  Changes - Shenandoah 1:11
5  Changes - And Finally 9:15
6  Andrew King - Two Brothers 8:28
7  Andrew King - Dives And Lazarus 7:23
8  Andrew King - What Is The Life Of A Man 4:33
9  Andrew King - Kommer I Snart, I Husmænd 3:12
10 –Andrew King The Farmer’s Toast 6:29

This is rare!
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