IC 434


Legendary EBM release on Dirk Iven's own label BODY RECORDS.
IC 434 is Belgian based project named after the so-called Horsehead Nebula, a beautiful galactic cloud in the impressive constellation of Orion.
As you can expect from the name of the project, the lyrics mainly contain astronomical descriptions, linked with some very personal experiences  with death and other obscure subjects.
The mysteries of planet earth and of the universe also have an important place in the lyrics, just as animal rights and society sickness.
Simply beating EBM!

1 Albatross 5:16
2 Salvation 4:04
3 Nature's Disclosure 4:38
4 Pharaos (The Gods Are Dead) 3:42
5 Jacob's Ladder 3:56
6 Paralysed 4:48
7 Batfowl 2:26
8 Fading Conscience 3:27
9 Fire Run 3:39
10 Ferghana 3:59

This is rare!
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