LP+7" Box (220N 3 / 220N 4) - 220N

Harsh, Violent, yet lacking heaviness, this is ambient-noise.
Total terrorism, stomping and abrasive assaults layered by deeply submerged and death ridden voxx effects.
The very verge of annihilated music, similar to Diktat and many of the early Tesco-affiliated projects.
7" comes on grey vinyl.

Tracklist :
LP a1 Temptation 5:01
LP a2 Chosen 4:51
LP a3 Forgiven 4:51
LP a4 Fixed 4:07
LP b1 Angelic 5:51
LP b2 Broken 4:38
LP b3 Relapse 3:25
LP b4 Yearn 5:52

7'' a1 Compulsion 2:15
7'' a2 Daze 4:38
7'' b1 Blindfold 4:01
7'' b2 Contempt 4:48

This is rare!
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