CD Digipak (Tone 17) - TOUCH

The Swedish sound artist BJNilsen recorded under the moniker Hazard from 1996 up until this 2002 record as a means of investigating the physical and psychological effects that natural sounds hold upon the human body.
He's continued recorded in a similar vein albeit using his given name.
The pursuits of sonic research are refinements of Nilsen's Industrial heritage which began with a handful of epistemologically grim albums as Morthond for Cold Meat Industries and has continued with the Janitor collaboration with Baby Doll Lima of Deutch Nepal.
Unlike those projects, Hazard engages a stronger poetic sensibility in the digital processing of field recordings from snow, ice, water, wind, etc.
The resultant cold, cold, cold drones dappled with rich, textured detailing always imply a malevolence within natural phenomena.

1 Substation 11:18
2 Church 5:33
3 Old Lead Mine 4:37
4 Lock 1:26
5 Windmill 8:04
6 Stile 0:59
7 Kissing Gate 7:34

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