I am my own Redeemer


CD-R Jewel Box (XXX 63) - INNER-X-MUSICK

Johnathan Briley used to be a member of Sleep Chamber!
This album was originally released as a ultra limited edition cassette in 1995.
“I AM MY OWN REDEEMER” is a retrospective of the genious of Jonathan Briley.
This release contains track lovingly picked by John Zewizz from Brileys catalog of cassetess.
In the words of Zewizz “To date he stands az the king ov experimental industrial”

Professional, factory printed, high quality CDr.

Tracklist :
1. Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure (remix)
2. Requiem to a Small Blind Boy
3. Whimpering Wails ov Woe
4. The Hunter
5. Vortex
6. For Silling (the 120 days)
7. Shemhamforash!
8. Kiss ov the Whip (Bloodfucking)
9. Black Fields
10. The Long Thin Line
11. The last Time we Made Love
12. Perscription
13. Site ov pain, Site ov Pleasure (live)

This is rare!
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