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Rare First edition in 7" cover + Insert

On their debut CD "Aryana", LEGER DES HEILS present German poetry exquisitely set to music - and that is the main difference to the countless other neo-classically inspired bands.
The lyrics of songs such as "Verkündigung", "Heimat", or "Ewige Gegenwart" are informed by a credible spirituality, hence this record can be recommended to all those interested in religious matters.
Such poetry of course is not the work of contemporary writers, but LEGER DES HEILS leave it to the attentive listeners to search in the past for the authors of the verse they set to music.
If you concern yourself with the music, you will note that it is surprisingly pop-like with an air of charming simplicity.
You might think that you know this kind of music, you could draw comparisons to AUTOPSIA, LEITMOTIV, or UPSLAND, but you will realise that the music of LEGER DES HEILS has an eminently German feel to it.
So let's summarize: LEGER DES HEILS set choice poems to music in a very powerful, neo-classical, electro-pop vein that is guaranteed to fill the dance floors of scene-events.
"Aryana" is a very rewarding work as well as a highly original synthesis of heroic pop and Meister Eckart, and surely a world-exclusive one at that!

1 Erwachen 2:48
2 Geistesmahnung 4:00
3 Rein Wie Eine Flamme 4:28
4 Tanz Des Lichts 4:40
5 Verkündigung 8:02
6 Die Liebe 2:13
7 Heimat 5:17
8 Ewige Gegenwart 3:38
9 Aryana 8:10

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