Listen and Die!

Various Artists


Limited Edition 199 copies

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Reissue into a  six long playing box of the legendary Slaughter Productions six cassette box set, "Listen And Die!" dated 1997.
This rare collection of  the "Italian/American" Power Electronics Massacre was limited to 100 copies, and featured contributions from:
§ Atrax Morgue
§ Iugula-Thor
§ Sshe Retina Stimulants
§ Murder Corporation
§ Diktat
§ Discordance

§ Surgical Stainless Steel (Intrinsic Action / Bloodyminded)
§ Taint
§ Deathpile
§ Slogun
§ Skin Crime
§ Bacillus

4 hours and 36 minutes of Violent Entertainment!
Box comes in a deluxe black cardboard box with silver silkscreen print.

Box includes:
§ The six LP's on 140 gr black vinyl with total black label and total black inner sleeve
§ All LP's come with their own deluxe cover and different artworks
§ A sixteen pages booklet in A5 size, perfect replica of original artwork
§ Two yellow sheets replica of cover tape box
§ A4 sized insert with new credits
§ Two exclusive Marco Corbelli’s photographs from family archive

Limited edition of 199 copies.

This is rare!
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