Requiem For K-141 KYPCK



Limited Edition 200 copies

"Requiem for K-141 KYPCK" is a recording dedicated to the nuclear submarine Kursk that sank in the Barents Sea in 2000.
With so many disasters taking place daily this tragedy has already been forgotten by all but those whose lives were deeply affected by it.
Through Rukkanor's music the full horrific events are easily presentable and digestible making the experience ‘real’.
By utilising samples and sounds taken from the actual ship and placing them over and next to the melancholy orchestral styled electronic pieces, with additional choirs and subdued pulsating beats, the story can be pieced together and told a thousand times better without the need for distracting loud instruments.
Here the shock and pain as the events slowly unfurl is an unsettling experience but treated with the respect so deserved to those who lost their lives. There are no noise histrionics present. Just beautifully tragic musical ambience that touches and the breaks the heart.
A ghoulish subject matter "Requiem for K-141 KYPCK" may well be but the story needs telling lest we forget too easily the personal suffering endured of others of a time already consigned to the history books.
Great ambient industrial from Poland.

Special folding cover screenprinted in silver on black, with an original photography attached to the frontcover.

1 Antaeus The Giant 4:44
2 K-141 4:26
3 A Far From Home 4:03
4 The Disaster 2:17
5 Lost Signal 3:09
6 Awaiting 3:34
7 The Ninth Compartment 3:58
8 A Time To Die 3:20
9 Raising The Kursk 3:40
10 The Last Voyage 4:05
11 Requiem 4:01

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