Rising From The Red Sand Volumes I - V

Various Artists

5xLP Leather Box (VOD120) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 500 copies

Rare Vinyl Box released in 2012
We offer copy #206/500

‘Rising From The Red Sand’ was one the most comprehensive compilations of early 80’s industrial, wave and underground music, spanning a total of five cassettes, compiled by Gary Levermore for his own Third Mind Records label.
The original five tapes are now released as a 5xLP set, following several months of tracking down as many artists as possible to obtain their permission to reissue their material.
Almost all were found, although nine tracks are missing from this box.
‘Rising From The Red Sand’ was both a precursor to can can be seen along the lines of the two later double LP’s 'Elephant Table Album' and 'Three Minute Symphony', but due to the vastness of the project offers a more complete insight into the musical underground of the early-mid 80’s period.‘Rising From The Red Sand’ includes the likes of Chris & Cosey, Nurse With Wound, Die Tödliche Doris, Test Dept, Attrition, Colin Potter, Muslimgauze, Ian Boddy, We Be Echo, Konstruktivists, Portion Control, Metamorphosis, Bene Gesserit, Legendary Pink Dots, P16.D4, Nocturnal Emissions, Human Flesh, Bushido, Smegma, Ptose, Kopf Kurz, Merzbow, Tone Death, Pseudo Code, Conrad Schnitzler, Cultural Amnesia, John Hurst, Section 25, Fan Tan, Un Departement, Scram Ju Ju, Five Or Six, Sylvie & Babs, James Braddell, Onnyk, Nexda, Hula, Dave Knight, Irsol.

§  Volume Ⅰ
A1 –Chris & Cosey Yes Know 5:58
A2 –Attrition The Visitor 3:44
A3 –The Legendary Pink Dots Premonition 5 11:26
B1 –Konstruktivits* Black On Black 5:11
B2 –Pseudo Code Missing Persons 3:02
B3 –Nurse With Wound The Strange Play Of The Mouth 8:47
B4 –Human Flesh Accident 2:56
B5 –John Hurst Untitled 5:06
B6 –Section 25 In The Garden Of Eden 1:55

§  Volume Ⅱ
C1 –Metamorphosis Fire Gates 5:35
C2 –Fan Tan Dress Up 2:50
C3 –Test Department* Gdansk 6:21
C4 –Nocturnal Emissions Legs 6:45
C5 –Portion Control Bite My Head 3:09
C6 –Tone Death Song Of The Flame 3:12
D1 –Un Département A La Surface 2:45
D2 –Scram Ju Ju Big Beyond 3:43
D3 –Section 25 Cry 4:17
D4 –Attrition Black Death 3:59
D5 –Five Or Six Aroma 3:27
D6 –Chris & Cosey Look Down 3:17
D7 –Nurse With Wound Someone Others Garden 7:34

§  Volume Ⅲ
E1 –Konstruktivits* Mansonik I 4:46
E2 –Portion Control Crash Weight Gain 3:01
E3 –Bene Gesserit Wash Your Ideas 3:28
E4 –The Legendary Pink Dots Close Your Eyes You Can Be A Space Captain 11:39
E5 –Bushido Modelwerk 3:57
F1 –Sylvie & Babs* With NWW* Excerpt From Pricksongs 4:11
F2 –Metamorphosis Musak In The Pentagon 7:39
F3 –James Braddell* Untitled 4:56
F4 –P16.D4 Catched By Botulism 1:17
F5 –We Be Echo A New Day 4:24
F6 –Onnyk Panspermia 5:32

§  Volume Ⅳ
G1 –Chris & Cosey Jink Jive {Version} 4:25
G2 –Nocturnal Emissions Going Under 4:03
G3 –Scram Ju Ju Face Of An Angel 4:34
G4 –Human Flesh Hself Namuh 2:53
G5 –Ian Boddy At Set Points 6:19
H1 –Attrition Pendulum Turns 7:20
H2 –Muslimgauze Icon Screen 4:53
H3 –Cultural Amnesia Rest Home {The Man Who Worked With Tourists} 3:44
H4 –Nexda Untitled 4:18
H5 –Test Department* Extract From Exercise Of Will 4:00

§  Volume Ⅴ
I1 –Hula (2) Black Pop Workout 3:57
I2 –Colin Potter Away From The Public Eye 5:23
I3 –Smegma Hawaiian War Chant 3:15
I4 –David Knight In Place 1:48
I5 –Die Tödliche Doris Fliegt Schnell Laut Summend 3:18
J1 –Irsol Reesoning 5:20
J2 –Ptôse The Big Chief 2:32
J3 –Kopf Kurz* Necluus 6:56
J4 –Merzbow Envoise 2:46
J5 –Conrad Schnitzler Untitled 2:46

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