Spiral Insana [Special Edition Silver & Black / Silver & White Vinyl's]



Not a new album but new for our Mail-Order!

The Silver Collection debuts with Nurse With Wounds masterpiece, Spiral Insana.
Probably one of Nurse With Wounds most deep and mysterious recordings, with 4 indexed tracks containing 20 listed sequences.
Such is Steven Stapleton’s Nurse With Wound.
The music contained here in, still having it’s surreal edge, is more ambient and user friendly than on many other Nurse With Wound outings.
Stapleton and guests, Robert Haigh and David Jackman mix prepared piano, percussion, loops and various bric a brac together into an hour long collage of mashed up sound, jarring juxtapositions, buzzsaw distortion and even a pipe organ.
If that sounds disorientating , that’s because it is, both in description and execution.

Here you have the definitive complete sessions of Spiral Insana; the original LP of 1986 plus session recordings and the one sided album track, A Missing Sense, also recorded during these sessions (A tribute to Robert Ashley’s, Automatic Writing).

Great audiophile sound quality, heavy silver and black / silver and white vinyls,
housed in a deluxe metallic silver gatefold cover.

A. Sea Armchair (19:29)
 A1a Sea Armchair 
 A1b Migration To The Head
 A1c Earthwork
 A1d Red Period
 A1e This Lady Is For Burning
 A1f Chasing The Carrot
 A1g Sugarland
 A1h There's Always Another Illusion
 A1i Stewing The Red Herring
 A1j Mourning Smile
B.  Pulse Interplay (26:10)
 B1k Pulse Interplay
 B1l A View From Lammas Tower
 B1m Swallowhead
 B1n Fitching A Wrong Sucker
 B1o All That's Left Over
 B1p Forever Chasing The Carrot
 B1q The Terminal Song
 B1r Ship Of The Dead [Peace45]
 B1s Obituary Obligation
C.  Nihil 15:07
D.  A Missing Sense 25:03

This is rare!
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