Ødelagt (Odelagt)

DØDSMASKIN [Dodsmaskin]

12" Vinyl (LP124) - MALIGNANT

Limited Edition 250 copies

The fourth full length and the first LP from the Norwegian duo Dødsmaskin sees them continuing to solidify their standing as one of the most distinctive and unique industrial acts in operation…true auteurs able to craft a striking combination of multi-layered and carefully assembled dissonance with intensely atmospheric soundscapes.
Ødelagt features five tracks and just over 40 minutes of music, with the 3 tracks on Side A encapsulating the Dødsmaskin style; cataclysmic vibrations of electro-acoustic and field recordings swelling to jarring, distortion heavy climaxes and tension filled scourge.
Side B offers the side of Dødsmaskin, that’s more flowing, cinematic, and drone based, where textures melt and swirl amid fragments of melody and less malevolent, quasi-kosmiche drift.
It’s a respite from the sheer physicality of Side A, but collectively, it binds it all together into one cohesive and highly captivating whole.
Mastering by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, NY

Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl

1. Svart Tundra
2. Jernguden 07:36
3. Det Som Ødelegger
4. Isolasjon
5. Kaldere Nå

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