In The Peripheral Margin Of Trauma



Limited Edition 250 copies

Power Electronics and noise from Finland!
Coma Detox is known for couple tape releases. self released "Reduced To An Invalid" (2009) and "Volatile Debasement" by Nil By Mouth (2009) and "Concussed & Asphyxiated" on Filth & Violence (2010).
Now Coma Detox returns with 3 massive tracks of most crude broken and grainy noise filth.
Coarse. lo-fi metal junks, crackling distortions, roaring violent vocals, slowly moving rumble of wreckage.
Very blunt barbarian approach to noise!
Mania is known from a lot of releases, for example "Grotesque Mirth" on Filth & Violence and "Ultra-Negative" on Freak Animal.
Mania continues in his unique style creating something unusual from combining typical elements of throbbing & humming synthesizers, crispy metal junk abuse and fierce feedback with vocals and samples.
Sounding so obviously like Mania one can easily recognize his sound from abundance of unidentified noise circulating in flood of releases in contemporary noise.
Often painfully slow and deep with distinctive use of physical random assaults of scrap metal.
Grim vocal performance with abundance of effects.
Grande finale of the side ends to darkest industrial-torture-chamber heard in recent noise.
Playing "songs" that each stand apart yet avoiding being musical.
Full color covers and double sided insert.

A1 Mania  DisAFFection    
A2 Mania  More Hideous Than The Rest    
A3 Mania  Individual Kinds Of Nastiness    
B1 Coma Detox     Fecal Occult    
B2 Coma Detox     Cracked Wide Open    
B3 Coma Detox     Excessive Friability

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