The 10 Inch EP



Limited Edition 250 copies

Protection debut 10" vinyl EP.
Protection is a new experimental synthpop duo featuring Daniel Mckernan (Coil, Thighpaulsandra, Cyclobe...) and Sam Houston.
Album was recorded in New York and New Orleans from 2011 to 2013.

Features Little Annie (Coil, Current 93, Swans) on vocals for the track "Jack/Rabbit".
While  "I Worry If You're Warm" also features Christiana Key (Zola Jesus, Cult of Youth, Delphic Oracle) on violin.

[A note on the cover artwork of the EP: this is a manipulation of one of my VooDoo Queen XXX photos of the tomb of Marie Laveau, the VooDoo Queen of New Orleans at St. Louis Cemetery #1.  The photo series was sent to my dear friend, the late Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson, who replied: "As luck/fate/whatever would have it I have been looking for some images that relate to New Orleans, death, and magick, for a possible US cd release combining Coil's New Backwards with the demo version we produced at Trent Reznor's Studio way back in the 90s... Would you mind if I incorporated them into the cd wallet design?"  Sadly this did not come to fruition but one of the photos is now featured on the cover of the debut PROTECTION EP.  Marie Laveau's tomb continues to attract visitors who pilgrimage to draw three x's (XXX) on its side, in the hopes that her spirit will grant them a wish.]

Limited to 250 copies, comes also with digital downloads.
NB: cover has one sligtly bent corner (due to transport damage).

Side A:
Prayer (Intro)
Popcycles In Bloom

Side B:
I Worry If You're Warm
Before I Was A Man
Jack/Rabbit (Stereo Bass Relief Mix)

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