A Flock of Rotations

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]


Limited Edition 300 copies

2019 Re-Issue of their second album out in 1987.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

No need to say much about Zoviet France as they are one of the myths of Industrial.
Best Experimental / Drone / Ambient / Industrial sounds.

§ Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin
A1 IO!
A2 Drive
A3 Skritha
A4 Slide
A5 Drifan
A6 Mandrel
§ Line Accelerator, A Nest Of Cocks
B1 Skratte
B2 Irken
B3 Ions Collis
B4 Luh
B5 Luh Windan
B6 Dream Hole
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