Bedtime For Democracy



Fourth official album by the LA Punk cult band.
First print, a bit aged but in perfect conditions.

Includes poster and also includes a signed letter I got from Jello with the LP, we used to trade discs at that time.

A1 Take This Job And Shove It 1:24
A2 Hop With The Jet Set 2:06
A3 Dear Abby 1:10
A4 Rambozo The Clown 2:23
A5 Fleshdunce 1:29
A6 The Great Wall 1:31
A7 Shrink 1:42
A8 Triumph Of The Swill 2:03
A9 Macho Insecurity 1:26
A10 I Spy 2:31
A11 Cesspools In Eden 5:20
B1 One-Way Ticket To Pluto 1:36
B2 Do The Slag 1:36
B3 A Commercial
B4 Gone With My Wind 1:42
B5 Anarchy For Sale 1:15
B6 Chickenshit Conformist 5:59
B7 Where Do Ya Draw The Line 2:38
B8 Potshot Heard Around The World 2:09
B9 D.M.S.O. 2:07
B10 Lie Detector 3:41

This is rare!
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