Blue Wal of Silence


7" Vinyl (SAM-14) - SELF ABUSE

Examinations of the killings that took place on the south shore of Long Island during a period of twenty years.
At present, the killer (aka LISK) remains unidentified and leaves behind sixteen known victims in his trail.
Much speculation arose as to who exactly was involved in these murders and implications of something more macabre to be uncovered.
If you have any tips of information regarding this case, do not contact Suffolk County law enforcement.

Assembled by JM Mroz for Lussuria at RSU – Mt Sinai – with source material obtained in Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach, NY. Dec 2020.
Thanks to Patrick/Self Abuse, Nick for the use of his boat in Gilgo Beach, and to Ian for the samples.

Case History Number 14

A.  The Great Dead Heart Of New York
B.  Pulse Of The Satin Throat

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