Breaking Down Nihil


2xLP (venenum 4) - RETORTAE

Limited Edition 100 copies

The long overdue vinyl version of the recording from the legendary Brighter Death Now mini-tour took place in Russia in September 2009 initially released by Der Angriff / Indiestate as 2CD in 2011.

NB: this LP version is limited to only 100 copies and comes with a Metal-Plate on front cover.

This recording is very special since the lineup was made of Russian artists and only Roger himself was a part of the common European live incarnation of BDN from that time.
The persons behind Anthesteria and LamiaVox have joined him in Moscow while the guys from Bardoseneticube and 414 were together with him on stage in St.Petersburg.
The basic parts of the tracks have been sent to them all in advance, so they have prepared their own vision of this material, thus it was nothing like a spontaneous improvisation or jam-session, but pure conceived and well-organized collaboration.
Both shows have been recorded on multi-channel devices, then carefully mixed and mastered, so the final quality is close to the studio one without losing any bit of the raw energy of live performance.
The result is a very fresh and unexpected look on the well-known BDN compositions.

A1 Innerwar
A2 Oh What A Night
A3 Payday
B1 I Wanna Die
B2 Destroy
B3 I Hate You
C1 First Floor
C2 Testing
C3 Leave Me Alone
D1 Dödsambient
D2 There Is Nothing Left In This World
D3 Female Blood

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