The Brighter Edge of Death

KRANIUM [Atrax Morgue]


Limited Edition 99 copies

KRANIVM was a side project by Marco Corbelli the master-mind behind ATRAX MORGUE.
Among the releases of 1993 for the legendary label "Slaughter Productions", there is also The Brighter Edge of Death , a tape issued by Marco Corbelli under the name "KRANIVM.
The Brighter Edge Of Death 
is pure minimalist death ambient/industrial, reminding to best Brighter Death Now sounds,
This album was first issued as Slaughter Productions # SPT 012 (1994).
Reissued now on vinyl with new artwork and a printed insert.

A1. Insanatorivm pt.III
A2. Sea of Death

B1. Tenebra Rervm
B2. Insanatorivm pt.IV

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