Michael Cashmore / Shaltmira [White Vinyl]

MICHAEL CASHMORE / SHALMIRA [Nature and Organisation]

12" Vinyl (TRI591) - TRISOL

Limited Edition 500 copies

NB: not a new album but new for our Mail-Order

This recording, dated 2017, shows Cashmore taking a brave new step in his music and reflects a personal transformation within himself.
Consisting of two long tracks the music here is hard to describe, it's electronic, experimental, dark but also has a connection to Techno music in someway and really is some-thing truly ground breaking and unique.
This release is a special collaboration with artist, occultist, shapeshifter, nomad and enigma Shaltmira who contributed the extraordinary images for the artwork for this record.
The unique design of the packaging has created the first ever vinyl release in history to have two front covers.
The sleeve has foil embossed lettering on both sides in two colours, this release is pressed on white vinyl and contains an printed inner sleeve.
This record is an important documentation as part of the transformation of an influential artist.

White 180g vinyl
Mastered specially for vinyl by Bricoleur (CURRENT 93)
High quality, super-audiophile disc
All new artwork by Michael Cashmore
Lmited to 500 copies

A1  Untitled
A2  Untitled
A3  Untitled
A4  Untitled
B1  Untitled
B2  Untitled
B3  Untitled
B4  Untitled

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