Club Moral 1981-86



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Compilation of early Club Moral, DDV, Etat Brut & The Parts-Tracks from 1981-1986.
Club Moral was founded by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (AMVK) and Danny Devos (DDV) in Antwerp on January 1st, 1981.
The framework to this incredible Box-Set is mainly based on selected tracks by DDV from "4 Sept" (CM02) and "A Sound Atlas of Venerology" (CM18), Club Moral's "Mit neuen Waffen" (CM03), with additional compilation tracks and live recordings by Club Moral.
Furthermore Etat Brut's complete "Geometrie d'un Assasinat" (CM10) and a selection of tracks by The Parts (DDV, AMVK and Erik Vloeberghs) are included.
Some of the tracks included in this Box-Set have never been released before.
From 1981 until 1993 Club Moral acted as a venue and until today as a music performance band.
They have become known for their controversial performances and imagery because they focused on the presentation of art and live events of an extreme nature.
Acts that have performed at Club Moral have included Non (Boyd Rice), Coup de Grace (Michael Moynihan), Slave State, Gerechtigkeits Liga, - Delta t, John Duncan, Angst, AR/TE, ProduKtion, Jack Stevenson, ConDom and many more.
As a band Club Moral played about 150 live performances in Europe and Australia, in 2011 they will play in the USA.
Numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and film-shows were held.
From 1983-2005 they also published 16 issues of the Force Mental magazine with numerous international contributions on art, music, radical journalism, photography, literature and poetry.
In 2010 a facsimile of all Force Mental issues in one volume was published on the
occasion of the Club Moral rvstd exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen.
Almost 100 different cassettes of bands that performed in their space in Antwerpen found release on their self-run Club Moral label.
This Box-Release should give an audio- and visual overview and insight into the work of and at Club Moral and their two protagonists, DDV and AMVK.
It will take you beyond the highly sought after Vinyl-Release of "To All Who Are Interested" from 1989 and will focus on the very early stage of Club Moral's work including acclaimed pieces of close friends and collaborators.

§ Mit Neuen Waffen
A1 –Club Moral Oorlog (Live)
A2 –Club Moral In Tirol
A3 –Club Moral Exces Kontrol
A4 –Club Moral The Birds Are Singing In The Sky And The Fish Are Swimming In The Sea
A5 –Club Moral Kort Interludium
A6 –Club Moral I Like It Here
- Selected Recordings
B1 –DDV Tarzan Mark
B2 –DDV Pinta
B3 –Club Moral Lies
B4 –Club Moral Eating Limbs
B5 –Club Moral Tegen Het Ik
B6 –Club Moral Therapist Fears
B7 –Club Moral Nazis Of The Night

§ Selections From 4 Sept 1981, Zeno X, And A Sound Atlas Of Venereology
C1 –DDV Duizend Levens Van Rathé
C2 –DDV What I'm Gonna Do About You
C3 –DDV I Want To Lick You Empty
C4 –DDV Eating Limbs
C5 –DDV Gastric Ulcer
C6 –DDV Death Threats
C7 –DDV Lonely Weekends
C8 –DDV Atmungen
D1 –DDV Atmungen
D2 –DDV Introduction To The Patients
D3 –DDV Chancroid
D4 –DDV Herpes Genitalis
D5 –DDV Bone Lesions
D6 –DDV Störungen Der Motilität
D7 –DDV Bizarre Sexual Practises

§ Geometrie D'Un Assassinat
E1 –Etat Brut Helicopteres
E2 –Etat Brut Intro
E3 –Etat Brut J. Michaux
E4 –Etat Brut Hertz
E5 –Etat Brut Poles Du Cerveau
E6 –Etat Brut Dealey Plaza
F1 –Etat Brut Karol Simon
F2 –Etat Brut 7 H 30
F3 –Etat Brut Allright

§ Compilation Tracks
G1 –Club Moral Exces Kontrol
G2 –Club Moral Jack The Ripper
G3 –Club Moral Dedicated To
G4 –Club Moral The Self And The False Self
G5 –Club Moral L'Enfer Est Intime
G6 –AMVK Soft Chaos
- Selected Recordings
H1 –The Parts Let's Go To The Whores
H2 –The Parts I Don't Like The Girls
H3 –The Parts Bodies
H4 –The Parts Cageman
H5 –The Parts Four Safe Walls
H6 –The Parts Marry It!
H7 –The Parts Nazis Of The Night (Take 1)
H8 –The Parts Don't Kill The Cops
H9 –The Parts Nazis Of The Night (Take 2)

§ Selected Live Recordings 1982-1986
I1 –Club Moral Now I Am Death
I2 –Club Moral Hunting Man
I3 –Club Moral Soft Chaos
I4 –Club Moral Man Heeft Angst
J1 –Club Moral Hail To Thee Black Prince
J2 –Club Moral Heres Lives My House

§ Club Moral Antwerpen
DVD1 –AMVK 19 Keys Vs 39 Steps
DVD2 –AMVK De 4 Uitersten
DVD3 –DDV Now I Am Death

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