7" Picture Disc (HR! 38) - WKN

Limited Edition 211 copies

One sided picture vinyl recorded during Albin Julius Roman hollidays !
Fragola Nera was a one time studio collaborative project involving :
Clau DeDi and Spectre (Ain Soph) + Raffaele Cerrioni (Mushroom Patience) + Albin Julius and Marthinna (Der Blutharsch) + Bain Wolfkind.
Limited edition of 211 copies.

A very sick rock singend on italian by Marthinna ...
The text was :
'' Noi siamo il futuro / Noi siamo la verita' / il mondo ci appartiene ma voi non lo sapete ! '' while the chorus singed ''S.P.Q.R '' ....

As usual for Der Blutharsh albums the 2 tracks have no title....

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