Karawane #1 & #2


LP Picture Disc (OB008) - OBSKYR RECORDS

Limited Edition 100 copies

TNB do appear on an eyeboggling picture disc with fellow absurdist Kommissar Hjuler.
An epic release and not just because it seems to last for as long as the limits of the vinyl will allow it.
A live recording of a piano being destroyed.
There’s wood snapping, keys being hit, someone singing a ridiculous falsetto [Hjuler?] and clucking like a chicken, wheezy accordions, bottles being rattled, electric drills, mad cackling laughter, the sound of a distraught participant.
People can be heard talking in between the hammer blows and laughing at the absurdity of it it all.
The whole piece seems to rise to a crescendo at one point before slowly making its way back to those first, solitary hammer blows.
A symphony of the absurd.
The joyous sound of things being smashed to bits.

Released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Dada and dedicated to Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara.
Sure they’d be immensely proud.

A Karawane #1
B Karawane #2

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