Mi Viejo Trono [Special Edition]

O PARADIS [Ô Paradis]


"Mi Viejo Trono" is a selection of tracks recorded between 1997 and 1999, before band's debut album "Ensueños".
This album includes all the songs where Rosa appeared together with Ô Paradis before beginning her own project "Circe".
And finally this is also Ô Paradis' very first 12" vinyl release.

This special edition limited to only 50 copies, sold at the cocert held in Paris on the 11th of February 2012, comes with an aditional 3" mini CDr with 2 exclusive tracks.

Tracklist :
A1 El Verbo
A2 Soltaría Las Cuerdas
A3 Mi Viejo Trono
A4 Partida
A5 Un Cielo Inmóvil
A6 Cantando En La Jaula

B1 Tres Dioses
B2 Sus Manos De Hielo
B3 La Orilla De Invierno
B4 Il N'Y A Pas Qu'Un Homme
B5 La Muerte Del Pirata
B6 J'Aimerais Tous Les Mondes
B7 Cansado De Sonreir A Medias

Bonus 3" Mini CDr :
CD-01 Canción De Cuna Vacia 2:53
CD-02 Angeles De Arena 5:52

This is rare!
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