Passi Uguali



NB: cover is a bit worrn out due to long storage - seam-cut on printed inner-sleeve

F:A.R. used to be pioneers of certain very ellegant and innovative Italian Industrial...
They released 3 LP's plus a couple of Cassettes and at once disappeared into the void.
PASSI UGUALI was their third LP, released back in 1990. A cult album!
F:A.R. was basically Mauro Guazzotti (MGZ) with the help of 3 ladies.
They was and are difficult to be described and also to be compared to other projects as they allways sounded "different".
Rythimc & complicated sounds with loads of voices....

A1 Io Non Moriro' Mai 2:01
A2 Passi Uguali 4:56
A3 Gli Occhi 3:37
A4 Abbandònati 1 1:18
A5 Segreti 3:40
A6 Dinosauri 2:56
A7 Cuore 3:35

B1 Gioca 2:45
B2 Pipifi 5:17
B3 Aaaarghhh 1:25
B4 Abbandònati 2 1:21
B5 Solo Andata 2:56
B6 Orgia 7:00

This is rare!
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