Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]

3xLP + 7" Vinyl (VOD155.08-10) - VINYL ON DEMAND

Limited Edition 300 copies

2019 Re-Issue of their album out in 1985.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

No need to say much about Zoviet France as they are one of the myths of Industrial.
Best Experimental / Drone / Ambient / Industrial sounds.

§ Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music
A1 Tier Of Veils
A2 Ram
§ Stains And Filth In The Convent AOUEI
A3 Duir
A4 Zonë
A5 Straif (La Mère Du Bois) Z Estrif
A6 White Track (Fire Frost)
B1 Veil
B2 Pesach
B3 Decoy
B4 Yezidi
C1 добрый день
§ Yezidi Circle Trap
C2 Signal
C3 Sidi
C4 Birch Brake
C5 Sein
C6 Spin (Hellisein)
C7 Tan-Tal
D1 Ma-Ja
D2 Whip
D3 Veil
D4 Fearn
D5 Burning Bush
§ Beak And Snout
E1 Sidhe (Riuben)
E2 Marsh
E3 Swine
F1 Marsh
F2 Signal (Circe)
F3 Migration
G1 Burning Bush
G2 Sheol
G3 Veil (Sloe Semen)
G4 Signal
§ Charm
G5 Chrim Ela
H1 Chirm Geis
H2 Chirm Aliso
H3 Shewel
H4 Yezidi (Say)

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