Shadows Out Of Time '82-'83



Limited Edition 3xLP+7" Box copies

Rare Vinyl Box released in 2010
We offer copy #206/600

"Shadows Out of Time" is a collection of three LPs with previously unreleased and formerly cassette-only material from Hunting Lodge, representing the first era of their creativity, a time when each sonic experiment festered into a beautiful sore.
Dark ambient, noise, power electronics -- all represented here before these pigeons had holes in which to fit.
One LP comprises the now-legendary Exhumed (1983), which was formerly released on cassette only, heard here in better shape than ever -- direct-metal mastered from the original two-track mixes.
The second LP is all previously unreleased material, highlights of which include never-before-heard gems from the recordings for the promotional cassette 23 Minutes of Murder (1982), as well as electro-disco-techno recordings used for intermission music at Hunting Lodge's live shows in 1983.
The final LP contains live material that was formerly cassette-only, including tracks from the 1983 Harrington Ballroom and S/M Operations cassettes, as well as much of the formerly unreleased Live at the Lodge. Oft-bootlegged, this performance is pressed here direct from the original masters, representing the two-piece early noise-unit of Hunting Lodge in harrowing live intensity.
An additional 7" includes a studio cover version of John Wright's "Stellazine Shuffle" backed with "Learn to Will II," originally released on Nekrophile Rekords' 1983 The Beast 666 cassette compilation.
Each LP comes in its own printed sleeve inside of a box printed with the Thomas Nordstrom artwork previously only seen on early Hunting Lodge stationery.
Also included are liner notes by Jeff "Central" Chenault and recording details, including information on equipment used, and never-before-seen photos of live Hunting Lodge and of collectors' minutiae.
The scars will never completely heal.

This is rare!
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