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Japanoise legend.
Killer Bug is the alias of Kazumoto Endo of Tokyo, Japan.
Since 1994, Endo has been eviscerating the minds and ears of his audiences with his trademark fast-paced harsh noise, stop-on-a-dime editing, and interspersed bits of playful absurdity.
Killer Bug influenced a generation of harsh-noise artists with classic releases on Mother Savage Noise Productions, Bloodlust!, Self Abuse, Troniks and more.
For the last 20 years Endo has predominantly performed under his given name and "Shitsuke" is the first new Killer Bug material since the 90's. Expect a whirlwind of razor-sharp harsh noise precision that will excite old fans of Killer Bug and introduce one of the all-time greats to a new generation of listeners.

Co-released with Skeleton Dust Recordings.

A.  Shitsuke Part One 14:34
B.  Shitsuke Part Two 13:18

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