Dream Cell

SILVERMAN [Legendary Pink Dots]


Limited Edition 300 copies

Silverman is keyboardist and former member of the "Legendary Pink Dots".
This is the vinyl version of the 1992 solo CD release including 4th LP bonus side!
Fantastic minimal electronics.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

A1 Visitation 5:21
A2 Rite Of Passage 7:20
A3 This Fragile Love 3:03
A4 And The Legend Days Return... 3:57
B1 Dream Cell -1 5:27
B2 Dream Cell -2 7:00
B3 Serpent Time 8:21
C1 Stream Point Entry 7:34
C2 Circle The Sun And You Become One 16:11
D1 Desecreation 7:07
D2 Bear Necessities 5:38
D3 Pantomime Bulge 6:53

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