The Pain is Severe



Limited Edition 199 copies

Marco Corbelli began his musical activities creating Slaughter Productions label and Atrax Morgue project.
Greatly inspired by Italian Power Electronics act The Sodality, with their 1987 LP ‘’Beyond Unknown Pleasures’’ and from projects as Whitehouse and Brighter Death Now, pioneers of a minimal, evil and visceral electronic, Atrax Morgue released his first tape ‘’In search of death’’ which was followed by a series of amazing cassettes in the following years.
In 1995 the activity of the Slaughter Productions became more and more frantic, releasing countless tapes.
Releasing at the end of same year two inspired works by Atrax Morgue on cassette in very limited editions.
The first titled ‘’An Expression Of Psychic Masochism’’ with one only track that was based on unique white, painful and horrific synth drones; generating a mental alteration that initiates brutal operation of psychic surgery, neuroses and split personality.
The tape was released in thirty hand numbered copies wrapped in two black foam pads.
The second titled ‘’Catch my agony’’ with two tracks that was founded on abrasive synth drones; the harsh and glacial sound atmosphere melts with murder, necrophilia and dead bodies forming a macabre collage.
Inspired by a novel written by Hugh Fleetwood "The Order of Death", which has also been put on the screen by the Italian director Roberto Faenza.
Released in one hundred hand-numbered copies and packed in an outstanding bundle, literally stuck in a real mousetrap.
The smell of death is saturated in every sound produced by the brilliant and twisted mind of Marco Corbelli in these two works.
Anxiety, alienation and hypochondria turn into a deep paranoia in pain.
Without hesitation, the bodies are emptied, leaving the field to an electronics purulence of rare power disconcerting.
Finally reprinted in a single LP, tracks were remastered from the original tapes and the record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve w/sheet that include credits and art from first original Slaughter Productions logo (from first fanzines).
Limited edition of 199 copies

A1 The Order Of Death
A2 Confession
B An Expression Of Psychic Masochism

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