After four years of intense cosmic labour, here comes full-length number five from the prog-electro duo, now turned trio with multi-instrumentalist NIEDOWIERZANIE joining forces, and assisted by guest drummer FALKO GRAU.
The four long trance inducing Berlin-school influenced psychedelic pieces will take you on an 85 minutes long journey to the fountain of life.
This new opus is without a doubt the band’s most traditionalist work to date, reflecting on the quintessence, the doctrine of the five elements, the cycles, the holy mountain, the world tree and what has been the bands most recurring symbolic interest: the heart of the world.
Some “Tomhetian” melodies here, a hint of Southern Rock à la EARTH and Post-Rock à la GYBE there, a soupcon of 80s minimal wave romanticism and a bit of Cascadian feeling combined with loads of pulsating analogue sequencing in the style of ASH RA TEMPEL, TANGERINE DREAM and TIM BLAKE, “Ether” is the logical continuation of works like “Anna” and “Les Nuits Dalmates”, moving further away from the new wave of the 80s and investigating the more obscure psychedelics of the 70s…
Enter the realm of metaphysical Post-Kraut-Rock!
Black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

Tracklist :
Cosmic Egg (22:35)
Desert (21:46)

Cycles (18:54)
Ether (21:22)

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