La Volpe Du XX Siècle



Very rare album by this cult project of the Italian 80's underground !
Founding members of the "GREAT COMPLOTTO".

Like Frank Sinatra dancing a tango with Nico ...!?
Broken melodies full of nostalgia, dandy and gigolò fascination, B/W sounds, pre and after warld war songs, music for an other era which will probably never come ...
The weltanschauung of XXCZ is simply formidable and uncomparable to anybody and anything, a unique experience out of time.
The disc was completely released with a special system called "MonSter" which was never re-used after this production by anybody else.

An absolutely must-have album.
This is YOUR very last chance to get this masterpiece as we found the very last and perfectly mint / unplayed copies !
Buy it NOW before it's to late ...

A1 Il Conte Ragogna
A2 Décoratiphs
A3 Trois Mannequins
A4 Hippodrome
A5 La Côte D' Azur
A6 Un Phantome Et Les Enphants
A7 Ou La Mort
A8 Il Nemìco Vi Ascòlta
A9 L' Echo Des Pheuilletons
A10 Ballet Du XX Siècle
A11 Maestro
A12 Bibliothex Phür Moderne Literature
A13 La Côte D' Azur
A14 Cabiria
A15 Carioca
A16 Vamp Vampire Meets In The Tabarin
A17 Paltò

B1 Zorra
B2 Mondana
B3 Balilla
B4 Jardin Turk
B5 Dress
B6 A La Bastille
B7 Taglio Interventista
B8 Màgnétic Sàlùtè
B9 Zorra
B10 Viveur
B11 Belles Philles
B12 Una Notte Di D' Annunzio
B13 My Arte
B14 Dayglo Gigolo
B15 Èloge Du Maquillage
B16 Bayonette
B17 Narcicism

This is rare!
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