ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]

LP+10"+7" (AV040/041/042r) - ALT.VINYL

Six months after the release of the limited edition '7.10.12' vinyl boxed set, alt.vinyl and :zoviet*france: are making the music from the album more widely available in a more conventional form.
Retaining the original 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch vinyl formats, the three discs are pressed in standard black vinyl and packaged together in plain black sleeves.

Zoviet France are one of the few remaining enigmas of English post-industrial music. Nowadays a duo, based in Newcastle in the cold North East of England since 1980, their music upholds a tradition of lo-fi exploration incorporating the influence of their locale and the spirit of exploratory improvisation within a context of pseudo-ethnomusicology and primitivism.
Their sound can be likened to the often impenetrable dialect of their region, a unique vocabulary and spellbinding grimoir which perhaps infers more by cadence, rhythm and surreal sense of humour than the "correct" use of words themselves.
With this in mind, '7.10.12' renders three sides of genuinely beguiling drone music whose strengths lie in its ability to seduce and transport with an almost subliminal, hypnagogic quality thanks to their romantic and anachronistic grasp of musical language. Comparisons with other groups never quite fit; they and their music much better described in terms of the rugged north eastern seaboard, or the rolling lowlands of Northumbria and its pre-historic heritage, a landscape successively occupied by Celts, Romans and Vikings, and home to a deeply engrained folk culture.
This is a beautiful body of work from a very peculiar end of this musical earth.
Highly recommended!

Tracklist .
A1 Resurrecting The Sun
B1 The Leaves Of The Birch
C1 Altitune
C2 Rolling Air
C3 Altituned
C4 Picked Up
C5 Not Always Green
D1 Waiting At The Gate
D2 Zerlest
D3 Gathering Breath
D4 Feezeling
E1 It Stopped Short
E2 Feel The Way
E3 Just The Lay
E4 Stimatze
F1 Zerlester
F2 Ca'raven
F3 It Stopped (At The Moment When Rona Arrived)

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