Black List

I don't like to black-list anybody!
And really don't like to act this way but some persons / labels / customers
should really be not supported in any way...
You better know who you should not trust >>

AVA ES-1 Reset Label / BAAL project / JOHN DIXON

This gentleman ows OEC US$ 350.- since 1998

Roma / ITALY

on Discogs: Birdmadgirl

This lady was stealing us 64,- euro in 2011 through a Discogs order

Begunje na Gorenjskem / SLOVENIA

This gentleman was supposed to trade with us some of his stuff in March 2017...
But we never got his items and he also completely desaperaed non answering our questions.
Unfortunately I learned only later-on from many of the artists (old OEC friends...) he was releasing that he is known for big delays,
non answering and non sending what promised...