Sales Conditions

we are sellers on "DISCOGS" under the name "OldEuropaCafe" but prefer the direct contact to our customers and sell directly.
Therefore please avoid to place your orders through Discogs and order directly from our own web-shop or by contacting us via e-mail.
Thank you!

NB: you can visit our headquarters in Pordenone (Italy) by appointment and shop directly here
Take the chance if you are visiting Venice and North-East Italy


siamo presenti come venditori su DISCOGS con il nome "OldEuropaCafe" ma preferiamo la vendita ed il contatto diretto con i nostri clienti.
Per cui evitate di ordinare da Discogs e piazzate i vostri ordini dal nostro sito o contattandoci via e-mail.

NB: Previo appuntamento si può passare presso nostra sede di Podenone per il vostro shopping


§ All prices in €/Euro.

§ Prices don't include shipping fees.

§ Shipping fees will be fixed once we get your order, we will come back with a complete and detailed offer.

§ Minimum Order Value:
Minimum order value is 13,- €/Euro (at last the standard value for 1 CD)
Minimum order value in case of IBAN wire transfer 39,- €/Euro (at last the standard value for 3 standard CD's)

§ For many different reasons prices are not 100% fix and might change.

§ We might consider to apply discounts on larger orders:
- place an order over €300 and we can surely start thinking about a personalized discount for you.
- of course, the larger the order, the better the discount.
- IMPORTANT: don't expect disounts on: New / Rare / Special and Nice Priced Items.

§ Payment accepted only in €/Euro currency.

§ Payment methods:
- Paypal (plus Paypal fees)
- IBAN wire transfer: only for EU members and for orders over 39,- €/Euro
§ If you are in North-East Italy (we are not that far from Venice) and like to visit us for shop the old way, e-mail us for fix an appointmetnt, we will be happy to show you our headquarters.


§ Metodi di pagamento per Clienti Italiani

- Paypal (più spese Paypal)
- Bonifico Bancario - Ordine minimo per questo tipo di pagamento / spedizione € 36,-
(ossia il valore di 3 CD standard)