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CREAMFACE [GRUNT side Project]


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Brutal Grindcore side-project by Mikko Aspa (Grunt / Nicole 12).
A new assault of sleazy 100% porn grind smasher CREAMFACE takes things another notch forward!
New album continues logical path of CF, but with stronger improved sound, more powerful songs, still maintaining the sleazy brutality.
Influences taken from BLOOD (ger), early CARCASS, early NAPALM DEATH with elements of noisecore and dosage of heaviness of old school Death Metal hammering.
Vocals return to early days CF style of pitch shifted "impulse to destroy" inspired cavernous roar.
Booklet with artwork and all lyrics.

1 Prolapse Of Western Civilization
2 Pigfuck
3 Nagging Cunt
4 Fucked Raw
5 Workplace Harassment
6 Cuckold For Cumslut
7 Street Meat
8 Goddess Of College #1
9 Goddess Of College #2
10 Crust-Punk Violation
11 Sacrifacial
12 Cum On Blouse
13 Sado-Rites
14 Consumption
15 Anal Slave
16 Bulging Cervix
17 Car Flasher
18 Clit Licker Professional
19 Little Sister
20 Nipple Torture
21 School Uniform
22 Hand Of The Nurse
23 Deepthroat Nose Eruption
24 Penis & Bible Study

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