Music by Doomsday Cult Aum Shinrikyo Founded by Shoko Asahara


Music Cassette (Kieh! Kieh! – #17) - KIEH! KIEH!

Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) was a doomsday cult founded in 1984 by Shoko Asahara in Japan.
The group blended elements of Buddhism, Christianity, and yoga, and its followers believed in the imminent end of the world and the need to purify themselves in preparation.
In 1995, Aum Shinrikyo carried out an attack using sarin gas in the Tokyo subway system, resulting in 13 fatalities and injuring thousands of others.  Shoko Asahara and several other high-ranking members of the group were later arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to death.
Despite this, Aum Shinrikyo produced music, most of which was created using basic keyboard arrangements and had a childlike quality.
This tape brings together these musical pieces, offering a glimpse of the surprising contrast between the soothing melodies and the violence of the cult message.

Solid blue cassette shell.

A1  Aum Shinrikyo March
A2  Doubutu
A3  Shu
A4  Kyokugen
A5  Tameni
B1  Aorenge
B2  Ganesya
B3  Tatakai
B4  Susume
B5  Jisseno

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