Spirit Breaking

XAL [Am Not / A / Mollusk King]


XAL is a new post-industrial formation consisting of AM NOT, A and MOLLUSK KING solidifying live and studio collaboarations of recent years.

The Debut tape "Spirit Breaking " is intended as a tribute and attempt at a soundtrack to Darren T Byler's thesis "Spirit Breaking: Uyghur Dispossession, Culture Work and Terror Capitalism in a Chinese Global City." (University of Washington , 2018).
Stepping away from the Heavy electronics / PE style that Am Not is known for, this tape explores tendency cinematic/dystopian - electronic/rhythmic industrial to convey the harowing experiences and processes described in the text.
Though this one off diversion into different music territory is stylistically very differnet, it works as a perfect follow up to 2022's "Cold + Disloyal"(Unrest Productions) as it continues with the same themes of dispossession, technological, political pessimism...

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